Whether you want to help stop circumcision overall or protect a single child, the Intactivîsm page can help, from baby steps for the beginner to novel ideas for the hard-core activist.


Circumcision documentary titled "Mother, Why Was I Circumcised?" in Quicktime format with permission from the director/vlogger.

Full-Length Articles

Separated at Birth from Men's Health magazine, subtitled "Did Circumcision Ruin Your Sex Life?" 

Mothering magazine: Where Is My Foreskin?The Case Against Circumcision from Mothering magazine is a great read for future moms.

  Four-page version also available

  Just the baby picture  (WHY?)

  Six-page version without baby

  Four-page version without baby

3x5 Information Cards

Information card topics include:  Problems with the circumcised penis, benefits of the uncircumcised penis, how male circumcision affects women, foreskin "restoration" / circumcision "reversal."

(Please see the TIPS section for advice / customizations.)

  What's Wrong with Circumcision?

  Not Circumcised?  Lucky Stiff!

  Robbed for Her Pleasure

  Foreskin Restoration

  Screaming Baby

  Take the Test!  (G-rated)

  Take the Test!  (R-rated)

Bumper Stickers

Not Circumcised? Lucky Stiff! bumper stickers are free via U.S. Mail.

Circumcision advocates aren't playing with a full dick